Chinese Herbal Medicine

Pleased to offer a complete Chinese Herbal Dispensary

Melissa is pleased to offer as one of her services for her patients a Chinese Herbal Dispensary as well as ready made prescriptions, external liniments, topical applications, teas, etc. All herbs and medicinals are ordered from herbal companies that meet the highest standards of quality and are compliant with FDA regulations. All herbs in the dispensary have gone through an in-depth testing and screening process to assure they are safe and free of any contamination or heavy metal content. The herbal dispensary includes: roots, seeds, nuts, tubers, leaves, berries, whole herbs, minerals and some insect or animal products.

Chinese Herbals are used in my practice with remarkable success. Raw herbs are typically taken home and cooked into a tea. Herbs may also be administered in the form of pills, powders, tinctures, pastes, plasters, and may be given internally or externally. Herbal formulas may include plant, shell, mineral and animal materials.

Ready Made Herbs
Individual herbs include roots, seeds, nuts,
tubers, leaves, berries and more.
Ready made prescriptions, teas and topical applications

Optimal healing is achieved by balancing the tangible Yin, Chinese Herbal Medicine, with the energetic Yang, Acupuncture.

Patient confidentiality is honored and maintained in all aspects of Melissa's practice.

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