New Patients

New patients may schedule one of two types of initial appointments as a new patient of the clinic: a consultation, assessment and evaluation or an extended initial visit with treatment.

If possible prior to your initial visit, please download and fill out the health history forms for new patients (PDF link below). If you are unable to download the forms, contact Melissa via email or phone to arrange to have them mailed to you or plan to come into the office 20 minutes prior to your initial appointment to allow adequate time to fill out your health history. Please bring in any laboratory results, imagery reports, or list of current medications, including vitamins, supplements and herb usage.

During the consultation, assessment and evaluation, Melissa will do a detailed health history interview focusing on your main complaint. She will also ask questions about your general health, such as sleep, digestion, energy, diet, life style habits, family medical history and your past medical history, etc. After the interview and reviewing your health history form, Melissa will assess your pulses on each wrist, look at your tongue for tongue diagnosis, and appropriate physical assessments or observation that may be necessary for your specific complaint. (Click here if you would like information on pulse and tongue assessment). We will discuss together thoughts on possible treatment plans and recommendations for your care and treatment. After that time, typically we will make a decision together as far as how you would like to proceed and what feels like a good fit for your healing plan in that moment. In an extended initial visit, we will spend two hours. The initial session will include all aspects of the consultation visit and in addition we will do an acupuncture treatment that day.

Melissa B. Smith, AP is pleased to offer the following services:
  • Initial Hour Consultation Assessment and Evaluation
  • Extended Initial Patient Visit with treatment – two hours
  • Return Acupuncture Visit - 45-60 minutes
  • AcuMassage visit - one hour acupuncture visit combined with a half hour of massage
  • Individual and couples fertility consultation assessment and evaluation
  • Pre and Post IUI or IVF acupuncture treatments
  • Diet Therapy
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Smoking Cessation

Appropriate and specific services rendered are determined after an initial evaluation and assessment, based on practitioner discretion of what is deemed therapeutically appropriate and indicated for each specific patient and case.

*please call or email for rate

If you have any questions regarding services or if you are hoping to schedule an initial appointment please contact me at:
Melissa B. Smith, AP
904-477-2825 (Please leave voice message and/or text message)

Health History Form

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices


Patient confidentiality is honored and maintained in all aspects of Melissa's practice.

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Melissa B. Smith, A.P.

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Appointments & Information: 904-477-2825
Medical Records can be faxed to Melissa B. Smith, AP at 904-396-9215